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Great Britain, 1851, International Exhibition, White Metal Medal, by Allen and Moore.

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Great Britain, International Exhibition, by Allen and Moore, 1851 AD.,

White Metal Medal (52 mm / 38,51 g),

Obv.: QUEEN VICTORIA & - PR. ALBERT , their busts left, all in wreath.

Rev.: THE INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION / LONDON, 1851 // PROPOSED BY H. R. H. PRINCE ALBERT / DESIGNED BY JOSEPH PAXTON ESQ. F. L. S., / ERECTED BY FOX, HENDERSON & Co., / LENGTH 1848 FEET, WIDTH 456 FEET, / HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET, / HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 108 FEET, / GLAZED SURFACE 900.000 SUP FEET, / OCCUPIES 18 ACRES / OF GROUND, / ESTIMATED VALUE L 150.000. , the huge building known as the Crystal Palace (expo building) and surroundings, beneath depiction of the expo area signature: ALLEN & MOORE.

ref. :ninja: .


Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel, later HRH The Prince Consort; 26 August 1819 – 14 December 1861) was the husband of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


He was born in the Saxon duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld to a family connected to many of Europe's ruling monarchs. At the age of 20 he married his first cousin, Queen Victoria, with whom he had nine children. At first, Albert felt constrained by his position as consort, which did not confer any power or duties upon him. Over time he adopted many public causes, such as the abolition of slavery and educational reform, and took on the responsibilities of running the Queen's household, estates and office. He was heavily involved with the organisation of the Great Exhibition of 1851.


He died at the early age of 42, plunging the Queen into a deep mourning which lasted for the rest of her life.

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Great thread with beautiful medals. I think I have one small (yes the medal is small) contribution if I can find the digital images or re-photograph the piece. The exposition would be a great collecting topic if no one here is currently attempting it.

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Another one from that 1851 expo - a Victoria brass solo:




Brass Medal (27-28 mm / 7,71 g),

Obv.: VICTORIA - REGINA , head of queen Victoria left.

Rev.: THE CRYSTAL PALACE / LONDON 1851 // PROPOSED BY / H. R. H. PRINCE ALBERT / COST L. 150.000. , the huge building known as the Crystal Palace (expo building) and surroundings.

ref :ninja:? .



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... and a smaller version of the Victoria brass solo:




(formerly? silvered) Brass Medal (23 mm / 4,65 g), small hole on top,

Obv.: VICTORIA QUEEN OF GREAT BRIT. , head of the young queen Victoria left.

Rev.: THE CRYSTAL PALACE / LONDON 1851 // PROPOSED BY / H. R. H. PRINCE ALBERT , the huge building known as the Crystal Palace (expo building) and surroundings; in field above, black ink, written collector´s number: 10.

ref :ninja: .


Looks like a (formerly) silvered surface.

(That´s what i like: some wear, some history, some action and visible collector interaction on ancient metal surfaces.)



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Okay, I found mine, but its the 1862 International Exhibition and the Exhibit Palace is a far cry from the Crystal Palace. Apparently detractors referred to it as the two largest domes in the world as the "giant soup bowls." The building itself was known as the "wretched shed." Americans are only surpassed by the British for their charm!




At least it is white metal and the International Exhibition, just 11 years later.

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So we extend to the 1862 Expo.


Here is a specimen for that no one was able to find a reference (so far):




White Metal Medal (38 mm / 13,77 g),

Obv.: BORN MAY 24 1819. CROWNED JUNE 28 1838. MARRIED FEB. 10 1840 + / H. M. G. M. QUEEN - VICTORIA., crowned bust of Victoria left, signature "A & M" beneath the bust.

Rev.: INTERNATIONAL / EXHIBITION / OPENED MAY 1s1862 // WEST FRONT VIEW // COVERS A SPACE OF 26 ACRES / 1200 Ft LONG. 700 Ft WIDE / DOMES 250 Ft HIGH / COST £ 300´000 , view of the expo building, west front, with statistics.

unlisted ? :ninja: ?.


When all was said and done, however, the exhibition was generally judged a failure as compared to the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1851.


"Alex" about the expo-building: "It is the same building (as the 1851 expo), after the Great Exhibition of 1851 closed, it was moved to Sydenham Hill in South London and reconstructed and enlarged. The Sydenham Hill site was officially opened by Queen Victoria in 1854. The building was refurnished again in 1862 for the International Exhibition commemorated on your medal."

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Crystal Palace Sydenham 1854 by Pinches of London.WM.41mm BHM# 2549.

Also listed by error as a So-Called Dollar "CRYSTAL PALACE, 1854, NEW YORK CITY, NY. Type III HK8"

Obv. Female figure standing, facing to l., opening gates labeled Industry and Science; in l. hand, palm branch and caduceus; near her r. foot a lamb and near her l. foot, a war helmet; below in border, microscopic Pinches.

Rev. Edifice; above, around, Crystal Palace; below, around, Opened MDCCCLIV. Below l. of edifice, microscopic Pinches; below r. of edifice, microscopic London.

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A smaller one, called "Jeton":




silvered Bronze Jeton (22 mm / 3,48 g),

Obv.: JETON , in an oak wreath.

Rev.: THE CRYSTAL PALACE / DESIGNED BY / MR PAXTON // FOR THE GREAT / EXHIBITION / IN LONDON OF / 1851. , view of the expo building.

ref. :ninja:



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Spot the mistake, difficulty level from 1-10, it is only a 1.


No prizes for the correct answer.


Oh, another cigar here methinks.


The coin has been flipped so the portrait looks the wrong way.

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