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Netherlands Jeton 1677

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This very worn (28mm Bronze) token is not dated but in 'HANDLEIDING VOOR YERZAMELAAHS VAN NEDERLANDSCHE HISTORIEPENNINGEN' by G. Van ORDEN, MDCCCXXV it is dated as 1677.


The description for the obverse reads 'een prachtige boom tusschen twee overvloedshoornen in een aangenaam landschap' which I translate as ONE SPLENDID TREE WITH 2 CORNUCOPEA IN ONE PLEASANT LANDSCAPE. (No mention of the two people)

The reverse is described as 'eene hand uit de wolken komende , houdt een paar schalen in even-wigt' = A HAND COMING FROM A CLOUD BANK, HOLDING A PAIR OF BALANCE-WEIGHTS.


The latin on the obverse is:

IN = in, within, on, upon, among, at; into, to, towards

MULTIS = great, many, much

FERTILIS = fertile abundant

and on the reverse is:

PONDERE = balance, make equal, to try by weight Weight, consequence, importance, consideration, influence.

VIRTUTIS = strength,power, courage,bravery,worth,manliness,virtue,character,excellence, goodness,merit.

LIBRANDA = to counterpoise, to counterbalance, to make equal

NEGOTIA = Labour, pain, work,cause,create, manage, commerce, trade,traffic,weight, consequence, importance, consideration, influence, authority

CUNCTA = all in a body, all together, the whole, all, entire


Like many of these jetons the inscription is read as one from obverse through the reverse. I think it is saying (after much head scratching) A BUMPER HARVEST ENTAILS MORE WORK. (even though it over elaborates by saying 'the power/workers required is counterbalanced/or in ratio to the total work load')


Any thoughts, comments etc welcomed

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These low countries jetons are always in demand. Like most of that time, it generally conveys the concept that the good things in life are worth fighting for/ must be worked for.


A nice historical piece.



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Found a refference for this jeton


109. Ob. A landscape, with buildings indicating various

occupations, and men working at a pump or well; in the

foreground rises a tall pine-tree, at the foot of which two

cornuacopiae shed their contents upon the ground.

Legend : in multis fertilis. Rev. A pair of empty

scales equally poised by a right hand issuing from a cloud.

Legend : pondere virtutis libranda negotia cuncta.

Size 8. Flemish Medalet-Jetton commemorating the final

cession. of Cambray to France in 1678. The Ob. apparently

is symbolic of prosperity; the Rev. of justice. (Dugniolle,

No. 4403; Van Orden, No. 1358; cp. Addison, p. 195.)

Red metal is a characteristic of the counters of the Low

Countries. [PI. II, 19.


By the Treaty of Nijmegen signed August 10, 1678 Cambrai is definitely attached to the kingdom of France.

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