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my new purchases

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not updated in a while

£7.90 the 2


Brabant, one liard c1600's


Hungarian Denar or Obole of Maria 1382-1385



1648 riga solidus

£3.47 the lot


tudor penny, unknown monarch.


Edward I penny, possibly bristol


no idea



well. not £3.70 alone, it was part of a bulk buy, interestingly there could be a 1923/2 belgian franc in here



1843 half farthing, not bought a half farthing for a long while



1799 farthing with good detal.

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that price, i have been after an example of thse iron kopecks for ages, the price has always been an issue, seems this one slipped under the radar, this is the 3 kopeck



hard to tell exactly what this is due to clipping,however from what detail there is it is possibly a 3 pence from the 1570's (rose behind elizabeth is what that blob could possibly be this was on 3 pences)



my first half dime, the 53 on the date is quite a weak strike so i angled the photo it has some toning but it isnt this dark

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Those iron pieces (the German occupation Kopeks in 1, 2 and 3 Kopek denominations) are definitely interesting. They were once listed for dirt cheap but even then I knew to jump on a set of three unc/no rust pieces for 40 bucks a piece one time when I got first crack at a dealer's new stock. I still have one of them, the 3 kopeks (I use it in my "Russian Coins Of Conquest" exhibit). Anyhow an hour later I walked by that dealer's table again, and he said someone had already come by looking for those coins, so I was very fortunate.


(Edit--clarified which iron pieces I was babbling about)

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couple more.



Henry III long cross penny, no sceptre class 3B penny, monyer henri of london - IF this is correct it is 1248-50



although i do like this one a lot too, just has good honest wear and toning anywho

edward I penny - york (SE1408?)

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