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Small Asiatic coin


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have here a very small, yellow coppery Asian coin to identify. Have never seen anything like it, it's very thin and floral. Not even sure it;s a coin - could be a temple token??








Agree with the other comments. On the lower pic in the oblong enclosure there appears to be the Arabic numerals 67 along with something else . Lovely piece of art!

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This is not a coin, not even a fake of any particular coin, but an imitation of an Ottoman coin.

I encountered different explanations to this rather common practice of having such imitations produced in the Ottoman Empire, both in the territory of current Turkey and in Northern Africa. Some explain this by the need to throw such "money" into the crowd at festivities instead of real gold, others by the use of such "money" in decorating clothing.

I don't really know the purpose, but I have one example of such an imitation


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