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Postal commerative coins??


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An old friend of mine has many different types of these collections.

He's 84 yrs. now, and wanted to know if these have any collectible value.

This one has the U.S. coins of the 40's

Has a panel for each year 1940-1949, each panel has examples of the coins minted that year, Postal stamps of the year, Summary of the United States for that year, a short summary of the American Popular Culture of that year. Also Important debuts of that year, including Motion Pictures, Books, and Songs.

My question is,, Are there people interested in this kind of stuff, or is something to give his relatives. He has never been married, has no children, he would rather have the money.

Thanks for any advice



















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Some "collectors" look down on these types of things because the coins are just avg. circulated items. Whenever I've seen these hit the coin club auction block or at local shows they sell pretty quickly. Personally I'd keep something like that and eventually give it to one of the grandkids.

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Art's right. Individually, each coin (and probably each stamp) isn't worth more than $5 but the book as a whole has novelty value. I think its a great set but would never consider it an investment.

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Thanks for the advice, Too bad, he has many different notebooks like this

1 with the coins of the 1900's, barbers and everything up to present


But your right about the coins them selves. Just circulated, nothing specials.


So I told my friend just to hang on to them




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