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Off Topic, With Apologies. Hope You Like It

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Enthroned Elizabeth the First with scepter and orb and wearing coronation robes. Bronze 122mm X 82mm X 20mm mounted on a thick block of bakelite (which has faded, the underside is still black, shielded from the light). Cast bronze with chaste marks visible (even under the skirt, my apologies to Elizabeth, what was I thinking!) and appears to be quite old with nice patination and rubbed areas.

The story goes that it was removed from a door in a boys school in England in the 1930's and mounted on the bakelite as a paperweight. This was told to me by the elderly man I brought it from at an antique show, whilst looking for medals (my excuse for posting here) he claimed he had brought it 30 odd years ago in southern England, and that was the story he got when he purchased it.

Imaging my surprise, when I googled Queen Elizabeth 1st school and came across a Queen Elizabeth's School in Barnet England;

Queen Elizabeth's School
The School was founded in 1573, following a request of a charter for the School by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Queen Elizabeth I granted the charter, for "...the establishment of the Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth in Barnet, for the education, bringing up and instruction of boys”. The charter, bearing the Queen’s seal, is displayed in the entrance hall. The School was housed in Tudor Hall on Wood Street, and twenty-four ‘discrete and honest’ men, the first Governors, were appointed. In 1930, the School moved to its present, much larger site in Queen’s Road when Hertfordshire County Council erected modern buildings behind the playing fields.

No proof that this bronze came from there......but still who knows.

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Superb item constanius and one I can relate to with regards to Tudor schools in England... :ninja:


Many thanks for sharing.

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