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Help with ID this hungary medal

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It is a Hungarian prize medal awarded 1n 1846 to F. L. Palffy from, I believe, the Hungarian Association of Industries. So it is unlikely that you will find out about him, if he is not a famous person.


But the engraver of the medal signed his name above the decorative scroll (your pic is too small for me to read) so you can find out about him.

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Did some more research


Gr = Graf (Count in english)


Palffy = The family that owned the castle of Stomfai & were the local nobility


Stomfai = A town that was in Hungary now in Slovkia (Stomfa)


Marvany = Marble


Gyar = Factory/Plant


So perhaps this was given to Graf Palffy for opening a marble factory/plant/quarry? in Stomfai in 1846, or for the product it produced.


Red marble" (Liassic-Dogger nodular limestone, ammonitico rosso) which was mined as a decorative stone, played an important role in the art of Central Europe and especially in Hungary in the past centuries


A Hussar regiment in the Astro-Hungarian army was named for Graf Palffy in 1861.


Bear in mind this is only my opinion. It is a great medal.

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On the reverse is three shields


The shield (top) with 7 castles is for the Duchy of Siebenbürgen (English Transylvania, now in Romania).



The shield (right) with the marten between the rivers Drava and Sava is for

The Kingdom of Slavonia (now part of Croatia)


The shield (left) with the chequered pattern is for The Kingdom of Croatia (nearly identical to present Croatia)


They all were part of Hungary, which is the shield on the obverse.

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