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silver token 1811

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I hope you don't mean the entire, detailed history of that token! I know it's a Conder (or Condor) token, which they started producing in silver around 1811-1813 due to a shortage in small change whilst the government were short on their own reserves and the metals were in the hands of corporations. They had been producing copper Conder tokens since 1787 but the silvers came later in that 1811-1813 period.


"Payable by Peels Harding & Co." - this is the name of the company that produced these tokens, as authorized by law. Most of them seem to have been produced by companies, the most common ones by mining corporations - unsurprisingly!


Fazeley is a region in Staffordshire England.


There's the Shilling here in much lower grade. Makes me wonder what you paid for that :ninja:




Thanks for showing us!



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It is a silver sixpence token 1811 from Fazeley in Staffordshire in England. There are two varieties, in one the centre limb of the 'E's' touches the top and bottom limbs. Davis # 11/119 doesn't touch, Davis # 12/119 does touch


Peels Harding & Co. issued silver tokens in half crown (2/6) shilling (1/-) and sixpence denominations, all dated 1811

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