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two can 1935 dollars


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My first instinct is XF-45, for both coins in the U.S. syatem of grading. Now don't tell me they aren't Fijian Shillings as I have had one or two of those, very nice silvers..could always do with seeing both sides of the coins though. There's a difference in colour but they are probably about the same Mid XF grade.

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the coin on the left is in really lovely condition and shows no wear, it is just collective grime that has covered it, toning is without doubt absent.


See bruce, I personally give AU and above to coins that exhibit some of the original luster. I noticed the great details and low wear on these coins but I just don't see the luster. I know you're a detectorist, but I like luster on my coins! :ninja:

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any chance of a rough idea of grade on these two please

I agree with Deadpoint on the left coin and give an AU50 or so on the right. I sold quite few NZ coins on ebay a couple of years back and still have some if your interested.

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