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2008 Oklahoma error

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I got this coin shortly before I deployed last year. Somehow I was able to keep track of it, even though Iraq lol On the reverse of the coin, the lower left of the coin appears, as best as I can describe it, thicker on 2008, "E PLURIB" of E PLURIBUS UNUM, the flowers below tail feathers appear better detailed, and the lower of the two tail feathered parts of the bird seem, more well defined than on the average I saw at the time when I had 10 Oklahoma quarters on me. I am not sure as to how common of an error it may be, but any information on how to classify it before I place it on ebay would be greatly appreciated, or if more wise, to possibily pursuade me to keep it for a good while longer. I uploaded a photo of the coin as best as I could scan it, for all who need it to be seen to better identify this error.


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