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New in these parts

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Hey all, my name is Travis

I come from the ebay coins neighborhood and my favorite coin forum www.coinhood.com

I join up most of the coin forums, to show other collectors my items I sell on ebay, and of course, to learn and teach about coins

my ebay user id is tmoneyeagles

And I have items for sale right now

Now, I inherited a collection worth around $400, this July, I almost have a complete collection of wheat pennies now, still needing the 09 S VDB and the 14 D, along with the key DD's

I have a registry at ngc, my name is of course, tmoneyeagles

I have two centerpieces to my collection... 1880 S DPL NGC MS63 Morgan and 1912 $2.5 Gold Piece PCGS AU55

All my coins are in my gallery at the ngc registry or at coinhood.com in the member galleries page


I have a fuel, for coins, that will never die out, and hope to have a complete set of indian head quarter eagles, and morgan dollars one day, although the 1893 S will be a doozy!


So, just saying Hi, and I hope I can talk/deal with you soon


Here is the reverse of my DPL morgan :ninja:


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