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GOETZ: Early Paris Period silver lavaliere

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I know, many will thing this is OT but I'd beg to differ. During Goetz's early period and apprenticeship he was learning the ropes of metal properties and manipulation through engraving, casting, repousse', etc., While doing so in Paris he became known by several jewelry makers as a wonderful designer and they were buying up his designs as fast as he could create them. This made for a good income while Goetz added the final touches to his mastery of metal fabrication.


His true love was medals and he vowed that he would begin producing them once he returned to Munich. Now that I own most of the conceptual drawings for his jewelry and a number of crossover pieces (jewelry design incorporated into medals) I can begin to explore this interesting area of his life and artistic development. Several early medals made while he was in Paris have different flavors of this same girl incorporated into the design. Could this have been his idealized woman, or someone he was seeing while in Paris? Don't know yet...


This is a silver Lavaliere (design meant to hang from an ornate necklace). I can't as yet vouch for it's unique status until I do further investigation but it was shown in Kienast's Volume II, page 4, along with other early works in a cabinet tray, many or which I now own.


The piece measures 93mm wide X 64mm tall.



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