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Small Mewar coin


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Coin is 14 mm in diameter.


I had this one up on another forum but they couldn't say which fraction of the Mewar Rupee they thought it was. I can't Google it so i don't know if it is Mewar or what so can anyone tell me exactly what this is? Diam above. :ninja:





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What is the weight of the coin. (1)


Also your first image is inverted so please correct it. (2)



Shariq Khan



(1) Isn't the diameter of the coin sufficient to identify which value? :ninja:


(2) Because you can't read upside down, or simply stand on your head like I can, here goes..



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The weight of this type of Mewar coin(1/4 th Rupee) is 2.6 gms with diameter 14mm or 15 mm and the weight of 1/8th Rupee is 1.3 gms with diameter 11 mm or 12 mm.

So your coin is definitely 1/4th Rupee of Mewar (Udaipur Mint) of Swarupshahi Series minted during 1858 AD - 1920 AD during the rule of Fateh Singh :ninja:

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