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2600 Year Old Coin of India

Shariq Khan

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This Coin is the excellent example of willingness of Nature Conservation among the people of Ancient India. The symbols of the coins are self explanatory about this fact. This coin was first mentioned by PRINSEP in 1837.

Some Symbols are as follows

1. Fish and Turtle in Pond - gives the message of water and marine life conservation

2. Tree in Fence - gives the message to preserve trees and greenry

3. River(a small curve line below) - gives the message to preserve fresh water resources


Some other symbols whose meaning is yet to find


1. Ujjain Symbol - Four Rings interconnected by the help of line

2. Six Armed Symbol - Alternate Arrow and the ring

3. Taurine

4. One unidentified symbol


This coins was minted in ancient city of Ujjaini which was the capital of ancient Avanti region of Central India's Malwa Region. Ujjaini now becomes Ujjain.


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Interesting analysis, Shariq. I voted "maybe". I think you're right about the imagery but I wonder if its a token/coin proclaiming the wealth of a particular landowner.

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Generally in vedic civilization nature conservation was given much emphasis so there may be its influence on the coins because pure vedic civilization perform rituals to praise the power of nature and their hymns and chants proves it. Still in India almost rivers, some trees animals has special place in the society.

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NumisMattic2200 , I think you have no idea of Indian History. Search wikipedia or answers.com to get more information about vedic civilisation and people.

For quick reference chect the link http://www.answers.com/topic/vedic-civilization-eb-1911



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