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Colonies Francaises 10 Cents (1843)

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Colonies Francaises 10 Cents (1843): Louis Philippe I, Roi Des Francaises (VF): very nice brown tone, VF grade, no serious knocks or scratches.


Will offer this one at $39 delivered to all world locations. *PayPal may be essential as I send from the UK.


Please Private Message me if any interest.





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OK it seems it is not my problem - the system isn't working at the moment, can yo uemail me? Or wait until it is fixed. This is the error message.


IPS Shared Hosting Server

PM System Currently Disabled


You have reached this page because the Personal Message system you are trying to access is currently unavailable while awaiting a software update. If you are the site owner/administrator, please login to the IPS client area for further information and to attain the software patch.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



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I sent an email to you...did you get it? I sent it from work...dont know how the emal feature on this forum works. I will post one of mine here...this is an email address I use online anyway so I dont mind giving it out.



let me know how to proceed to purchase the coin. :ninja:

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