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Unknown Charles II coin


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MI 473/76. Coronation. 1661.


Bust of Charles II., r., crowned, hair long, in royal ermine robes, collar and George of the Garter. Leg. Carolvs . II. D . G . Ang . SCO. FR . Et . HI . REX. On truncation, T. s. (Thomas Simon.)


Rev. Charles II., I., in royal robes, holding the sceptre, is seated on a throne; Peace, hovering over him, places the crown upon his head. Leg. Everso . Missvs . Svccvrrere . Seclo . Xxiii . Apr. 1661. (Sent to support a fallen age, 23 April, 1661.—comp. Virg. Georg. i. 500.)


1.15. Ashmole, Tab. i. Med. Hist, xxviii. 7. Van Loon, H. 470. Vertue, xxxviii. Kohler, XX. 393. Evelyn, 129.


MB. Av. AR. Not uncommon.

This is the coronation medal struck for distribution among the spectators of that splendid ceremony. It was engraved by Thomas Simon, and has never been surpassed for minuteness and delicacy of work. He charged £110 for its execution. Good specimens are frequently to be met with, but very rarely in such a perfect state of preservation, as not to show some wear in the more delicate and prominent parts of the work.

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From J. Kerns


1660 The official coronation silver medal of Charles II Bold PL MS 60

nice edge toning.................................................................... $877.

LINK It is a large file so takes a minute to load, but is worth the wait.


Depends on condition but it is an expensive medal.

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How do you put up large images on your posts? everyone else seems to be able to do it but I only seem to be able to put up these small reduced images! :ninja:


This is due to you attaching images.


To post larger images you might be better off uploading your photos to photobucket.com or imageshack.us and then posting the URL contained within

[img= ]

img tags.


Let us know if you have any problems.

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Here is one that sold last year for roughly 1000 USD....




and one in Gold which sold for 3000 USD




I dont know...I have a feeling your might be a copy? The lettering and other elemants like the crown on yours are fatter and less elegant, the facial features seems off...One reason why letter in the insription can be thicker could be from casting. It could just be wear or the way the photo is taken.

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