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so a cheap ebay buy today 1853 E.M 2 kopecks


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as you know, i collect russian coins on the cheap, which is a challange so i mainly stick to soviet era (have a few nice bits from the period, 1936 lustrous 10 kopecks UNC 1967 etc, a 1991 new design rouble and 10 kopecks)

anyway getting hold of russian empire coins is a challange, sometimes i get lucky and find one in the bargain buckets in the dealers, but thats a very rare occurance, so i was happy to find this up, total of £1.74 i spent on this (thats bid+postage) and i think considering the year (early stuff on ebay UK usualy sells well and is hard to get hold of) its a very very good buy.

whats your thoughts? seems genuine enough and looks in a good state





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