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British Indian Error Coins

Shariq Khan

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I like to share two British Indian George VI error/double struck which are very rare. Please follow the the links


1. Half Rupee - http://coinsindia.info/content/george-vi-b...half-rupee-bill


Details are -

* Ruler : George VI

* Mint : Bombay

* Year : 1943 AD

* Metal : Silver + Nickel

* Denomination : Half Rupee or Eight Anna


This double struck error coin pictures submitted by Bill Snyder. This is a one of its kind double struck coin with new composition(reduced silver up to half of the weight of coin) of Silver and Nickle issued by British India Government. Reduction of Silver done because of Second World War Expenditure.


Note : The images of this coin is submitted by Bill Snyder .



2. Half Rupee - Nickle - 1947 Issue





British India George VI Error (Double Struck )Half Rupee

This error coin is very interesting. The legend and Denomination Text Doubly Struck but Kings Bust and Tiger is single. Bombay Mint Mark is also double. Such types of Error Coins are very rare. Details KM # 553 Denomination - 1/2 Rupee Year - 1946 Mint - Bombay Metal - Nickel Obverse - Kings Bust Facing Left, Legend "George VI King Emperor " Double Impression, Mint Mark Below the Neck Reverse - Tiger, Denomination, Mint Mark Below Date


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