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Would like to help a free catalog?


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Your help is needed to assist the US coins section of Colnect's free catalog.

Many US coins are already there but missing detailed information.


The catalog is created by collectors and is freely available (no registration needed to view) to all collectors.

During the last 30 days, ~600 coins were added to the catalog, it's progressing very well.


Please let me know if you can offer any help.


Thanks :ninja:

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Not sure of the purpose of this web site but as you said it's free. However, the same and/or more information is available on numerous other web sites and in many instances exceptionally extensive. For example to find out any and everything about the Lincoln Cent a person could just go to www.coppercoins.com or theLincolnResource web site. Then too there are also numerous information sites on coins where any or most questions and even prices are available such as the PCGS, NGC, Numismedia, Coin World web sites.

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