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Any Italian coin collectors in the house


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Hi all I have just come across this 1810 Kingdom of Naples 3 Grana coin and when i have looked through Krause i cannot find an exact match to my coin .. there are 2 listed C# 102 (date within wreath and C# 102a date below wreath.


As you can see from the Scans of my coin it is like the 102a but it has a small diamond after the date and is missing the stars which are shown on the example in Krause . Also the lettering is much "fatter" on mine .. can anyone help me with this as I am thinking of selling it on eBay and i would not like to sell it if it is a Rare type or something




Cheers dooly :ninja:

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I know zip about italian coins but that looks like it could be cast. Look at the 8 it is filled in as are the A's D's U's etc the field around the head looks grainy. Perhaps it is a contemporary forgery, might still be highly collectable.

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