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New acquisition: 1833 half dollar


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Here is the coin which I recently bought:





I am inclined to grade this at VF-30, although it might go to EF-40 (I paid about VF money for it, too). The Red Book says for EF in this series:

"Clasp and adjacent curl fairly sharp. Brow and hair above distinct. Curls well defined."


The first and third criteria seem to be met, but I'm not sure about the brow and hair.


Anyone care to help me grade this?

Thanks! :ninja:

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I wouldn't grade it unless it was a super rare variety, or a super high grade, most bust half collectors prefer a coin like this just the way it is!


Really? I love all my coins, to be graded...Unless modern crap..LOL

Like Busties, Or Seated Coins, if I had any that were VF25 or above, I'd want them Slabbed

I have all my gold slabbed....My silver too ;)

Low graded, stuff, like in G-F, no super rarities, just keep the stuff raw

If you have the extra cash, or a free submission, I'd get it graded :ninja:

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Its definitely an O-102 variety. Probably VF-30, outside chance at 35 but no chance in h€!! at XF. I have two of these; one in PCGS 45 and one in PCGS 62. The one in 45 has significantly less wear(primarily the wings, shield) than the one you have displayed. However, it looks nice and original, no sign of harsh cleaning.

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