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Beer for Taxes

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What do the national economy, income tax, and beer have in common? They all came together to first bring about Prohibition and then repeal Prohibition and return beer to the family dinner table, picnics, and Sunday football games.


The Prohibition movement faced strong opposition from those who enjoy a drink or a stein of beer, but even stronger opposition from a government that relied on beer taxes to fund its services. The latter opposition changed with the introduction of the personal income tax. Government no longer relied on beer taxes and the temperance movement succeeded in promoting the election of those who would favor a bill of Prohibition. Most of us know the bill had little effect except to close the doors of legitimate brewers and distilleries while gin runners and bathtub brewers racked up enormous profits. The collapse of the stock market and the great depression saw a renewed interest in beer taxes. The wealthy and industry feared steeper taxes to help pul the country out of its misery and thus was born the Beer for Prosperity movement.


I suspect the pictured aluminum token, flag, and brass pin date from that movement about 1929.




Yes, its another ANA Money Show purchase. If you can't tell, I had a good time searching for the unusual and fun!

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