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Canadian silver dollars-1958-1966 all sold

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Silver dollars, housed in plastic capsules. Paypal or cash $5.00 each, free shipping for 2 or more bought. Coins are VF'ish and up in condition, I do have more than 1 of the '61, '62, '63, '64, '65 and 1966. If interested, I can post pics of the coins and let the buyer choose. Here are the dates:


Composition: .800 silver, total weight 23.33 grams, 18.664gm silver per $


1958 (1)-sold

1959 (1)-sold

1960 (1)-sold

1961 (4)-sold

1962 (3)-sold

1963 (5)-sold

1964 (2)-sold

1965 (2)-sold

1966 (2)-sold


Coins are part of my flea market stock, most likely will be all gone Sunday, but put them here in case anyone should need any prior to Sunday. Thanks.

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