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2000 P Dime – Edge Error?

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The edge of this coin is probably just worn, albeit very uniformly. Possibly someone polished of the reeds? But it does have an interesting feature. The lettering on the reverse is very close and even cut of a little by the “lip” leading me (a coin know-it nothing) to feel it may not have expanded far enough to take the reed.




I’m sure everyone has heard the recent story of the woman in Salt Lake City who cashed in 14 Double Eagles at the bank for their face value of $20 each. If just one citizen is this stupid it makes me concerned that America may be beyond help. At least if the 14 gold coins in your pocketbook are straining the straps it is probably worth more than $280.



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It certainly does seem that it is misprinted, but you might be able to call this one a worthless imperfection. Unless I am mistaken, I believe the rule of thumb for most coins is >10% off-center before it is considered an "error." Check some pennies from the early 70's. About 1 in 10 is poorly aligned, many of them even worse so than this one.

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possibly spooned?

________________________________________ :ninja: ____________________________________________________


Thinking along those same lines..................a would have been a baby's ring?


As a side note, I have seen quite a few 50 cent and quarter pieces without reeding or very little of it.


Take care all.



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