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notgeld Banknotes


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Hi all,


I have a small collection of Notgeld Banknotes and I would like to know some info about the notes.


Are there sites dealing with notegeld notes - informative and categorizing(?).


I would like to find an online cataloge dealing with these coins :ninja: can some one help?


I'm looking for Notegeld collectors that I could share knoledge with - I'd be happy to get a massage for such collectors.


I don't realy know how to store the notes - can some one help me with that too ;)


Is there a site with info about all the notgeld Bnotes? if so i would be hapy togo there.


I have problems with German reading - is tere a place where I could find the name of the cities beside the inscription on the notes?



Thanks in advanced,



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I am a serious collector German Notgelds. I have more than 3,300 different German Notgelds


You can find more information at following web sites:






There are also very comprehensive, nice and colorful catalogs of "Deutsches Notgeld, Set of 9 Volumes, By Hans Grabowski & Manfred Mehl". But they are quite expenisive. You can also buy them on eBay or other sellers on Internet.


You can store them in albums designed for baseball card collections. You can find them on eBay or on the Internet.


There are Notgelds available from many other countries like Austria, France, etc.


Hope this information helps.


If you have any other specific questions, please contact me.



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There is cataloging information for notgeld but even if you buy all the catalogs (well over 30 there are still notes that are not in them), you can get the Deutsches Notgeld catalogs as suggested by anil2 and this is by far your best chance for notgeld notes, generally you need to start with Band 1 and Band 2, then 3 and 4 from this point on the other 6 bands are only needed if you are collecting that specific sub set of notes, I have over 5000 notes and almost all (except about 80) are in bands 1-4.


You can try my web site for a free reference it has information and pictures on just under 3000 notes but since there is over 150,000 notes it is only so good. If you get really stumped on a piece feel free to post images of it and i will see what i can do about identifying it for you.


for understanding the type used on these notes you should read up on Gothic German script it will help a lot but in reality practice is the only way to have a good chance of reading the letters.

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Is your coin and banknote software upgradeable. For example can fields be added to contain information about slabs and certified notes such as the name of the company and the slab serial number?

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There is some customisation that can be done with the software. I am going to try and release a new version next month during my holidays so if your keen download the trial and if it needs new fields (Slab will be one of them) I can add them so the next version is better. Just PM me what you think needs to be done and ill see what i can do.

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