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National Bank of Yugoslavia (coin year sets)


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The National Bank of Yugoslavia, through their minting division - Banknote Printing Works, released Year Mint sets of coins for the years 1982-1992, inclusive.


Early in 1982, when the decision was made to begin production of these sets for collectors, the first releases were nothing more than the coins sealed between two sheets of a poly-plastic, which was deemed too primitive for the needs of the target market, so the design was changed mid-year to the card-stock style shown here. Due to this mid-year change, the 1982 is quite uncommon. As a matter of fact, I have just now managed to acquire one, which completes my set, and thus this display.


Also note that in 1988, with a change in design of all circulating coinage, both the old and new designs are included in the Year Set.


The 50 dinara piece included in the 1989 Year Set was never released into circulation, as is only available through these sets, making it another difficult set to obtain.


The 1990 Year Set brings yet another new design, brought about by devaluation of the dinar.


The 1992 Year Set is also a difficult set, as both coins in the set saw very limited usage due to rampant inflation, brought on by the cessession of Croatia and Slovenia, and the ensuing Civil War. These events also halted production of the Year Sets.



There were earlier issues authorized by the Yugoslav government, namely the 1953-55, 1963 and 1965 issues on white card stock in a clear plastic envelope. These are also included in this display.


I believe that these three sets were issued at a later date, perhaps in the late 1960's or early 1970's. There are several tell-tale clues to this fact, that are quite obvious in the sets. To begin with, the 1953-55 set is labeled the same as the others, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It was not until 1963 that Yugoslavia took this name, during the 1950's the official name was Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, as is seen in the legends of the coins. Another clue is that in the 1965 set, the first version of the 5 para is used (KM#42), even though it was only minted early in the year, and it was not until late spring that the change to the second version (KM#43) was minted, coinciding with the minting of the 10, 20 and 50 para pieces. I have seen a few sets with the second version, which also lends support to my theory of a later assembly date.


In 2000, Year Sets returned, although not officially issued by the government, but rather by the Serbian Numismatic Society. Sets were issued for both 2000 and 2002. (I will scan these and add them later)


In 2003, with Yugoslavia all but extinct, the Bank of Serbia, now the coin issuing authority, released a Year set of the coins for 2003, which now only carry the legend of the National Bank of Serbia.



Note: All images are hyper-links to larger (500X300) images.

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