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I have no idea what I have here


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I dug these up while cleaning out my coin supply drawers yesterday, and seeing as I have about $10 in my checking account at the moment, I was wondering how much they were worth.




1 Mark - 1914 (red seal)

2x 1 Mark - 1914 (blue seal)

1 Mark - 1920

3x 2 Mark - 1914

3x 2 Mark - 1920

5 Mark - 1917

5 Mark - 1960

20 Mark - 1913

25 (Mark?) - 1921

50 Mark - 1919

100 Mark - 1908



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The note with the "25" on the left and "Pf" on the right is a 25 pfennig notgeld (emergency money) note. Don't know about possible values of the other Empire bills. But the 5 Deutsche Mark note in the upper right corner is from the Federal Republic of Germany; so you could exchange it at the Bundesbank and get €2.56 for it. :ninja:



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