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Battle of Camperdown

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Battle of Camperdown, Great Britain.


BHM 429 - 38mm - Details


British Historical Medals lists this as "normal"; tougher than common but not rare. Despite that it's the first example I've ever seen in hand.

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He was a snazzy dresser. I like the way the reverse inscription begins to slant downwards to the right, getting worse, then it is corrected halfway down, then it goes into the slant again. Lovely medal.


Hehe. Yeah, I saw that slant... If we're to believe most of the contemporary cartoons and engravings the engraver was probably drunk out of his mind while he was working and then noticed the problem the next morning. :ninja:

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GEORGE III Memorial Medal. DIED Jan 29. 1820. IN THE 82 YEAR OF HIS AGE & 60 OF HIS REIGN. Rev: IN MEMORY OF HIS OBSEQUIES AT WINDSOR. FEB.16.1820. WM. 46mm. BHM# 1006


The engraver did a good job on this but the 0 in 1820 has dropped and separated, looks to be the only 'mistake'. Strange!

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