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Kopeika 1713-MD...


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I chanced across this kopek on eBay and thought I would look it up in Bitkin:

Kopeika, 1713-MD


Since it shows "KO" between leaves on the reverse and has "ПШВЕЛІШЕЛЬ" (presumably a misspelling of "ПОВЕЛІТЕЛЬ"?), it looks like it has to be Bitkin 3457, 3458, 3459 or 3460 (on page 338 in the first volume of the 2nd edition).


But how to tell the difference?? I have looked at the images in Bitkin for a long time, but the 4 reverse images all look pretty much the same to me. :ninja: Any clues or tips?


Thanks! ;)

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3457 to my now very tired eyesight....... extremely tiny variations in lettering alignement

Thanks, Josh. Later, I noticed that 3461 is also very similar...:ninja:

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