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Anyone know what this medal is?

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Italian WWI. Cross, Merit of War, Victor Emmanuel III is there anything on the reverse?


From Australian War Memmorial

Bronze; Italian War Merit Cross in the shape of a Greek cross. Unnamed as issued. The obverse has the inscription 'MERITO DI GVERRA' across the centre, surmounted by the crowned royal cypher of Victor Emannuel, and on the lower arm, sword entwined with oak leaves. Reverse: A five pointed star in the centre on a background of sun rays that extend to the extremities of the cross. The medal is fitted with a loose ring suspender on the top arm and has a piece of 37 mm blue ribbon with two 5 mm white stripes.

Summary: Instituted by King Victor Emanuel III on 19 January 1918 the War Merit Cross was awarded to members of the Italian armed forces for meritorious service in operations on land, sea or in the air, after completing a minimum one year of service in contact with an enemy.

Italian WWI Medals


As to value I suspect not too much, because from its institution till 30 May 1927a total of 1,034,924 Crosses were issued. There is one on offer on ebay for 15 euro starting bid complete with suspension & ribbon.

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