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Chinese 1980 1,2,5,10,50 notes with fancy properous lucky number all 88888888

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Hi,nice to see you all again.Let me show all of you what are the most special chinese notes I have ever seen so far as a chinese banknote collector.Beside that,I also think that this is the most expensive chinese notes than the rest of the chinese notes in time to come.It is hard for me to believe in my own eyes that the 1,2,5,10 yuan prefix start with EB and their eight digit number are all 88888888(prosperous prosperous prosperous prosperous prosperous prosperous prosperous prosperous)except for the 50 yuan prefix starting with BQ and the number is still all 88888888.I was too surprised to see this notes especially the 1,2,5,10 yuan notes with the same PREFIX and NUMBER except for the 50 yuan note and this five notes that come together in one set.As far as i know,the chinese note with this number all 88888888 only one copy is in existance in one hundred millions of the similar notes,it is extreamely difficult to come by,the most curius thing is all the four notes with the same prefix and number,I was shock and damm curious how did all this four notes comes together in one whole set,I really have no idea and cant believe in my own eyes everytime when i look at it.Hopefully someone can help me to explain this notes,help is always apprieiciated,thank you.





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For those who have been around in this banknote forum for more than 3 years, they might have seen this forum topic which I started back in April 2006. Yes, it is almost 3 years now.


At that time, I was sharing my experiences with fellow banknote collectors. Here is the topic link




Sometimes, end of last year, I had a chance to examine a China solid banknote and to my surprise, it was almost flawlessly. The technique used was very much improved in 2008. Still you can feel that there is something not right. There are question marks when I examine the note with a magnifying scope.


After what I have seen in 2008, I told myself that I will only buy from reliable sources. Luckily, I managed to acquire two genuine solid notes in 2006 for my collection. I am sure for those regular and old-timer in this banknote forum, they would have seen two of my genuine solid notes collection. Anyway, here are the two for your appreciation.





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Yes See323 I thought of your original post immediately when I saw the title of this thread. Where there is a will and money to be made, there is a way and a dastardly deed. I have almost been turned off of notes completely because of the abundance of forgery, alteration, cleaning, pressing etc.

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