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Can anyone identify these...


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I do not know how I got my mug on this unwanted post.....please see next post.


I'm learning...



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Hello All,


Can anyone identify these coins, tokens or whatever they are....?


I have no idea!!






Hi! I am new to this site. I have printed out these beauties and will attempt to ID what I can.....if I can!


So far I haven't ID'd any, but I am still looking....I believe most are Indian States.

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The bronze piece on the right side with an elephant I'm pretty sure is from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Not sure about others.


AKO U sure have some of us scratching our heads and doing a lot of research, which I am, in my old age, beginning to like, filling my brain with all sorts of goodies........hummmmmmmm, wonder if I'll remember any? LOL



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