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Odd prices on the bay

Mark Stilson

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Just in general seen some pretty weird prices lately going on ebay. Doing a 2 hour ending first search. 2004 d Michigan quarter fuzzy picture of the reverse went for $2.00 . Almost the same time 2 silver proof state quarters going for $2.00 and $1.75. Shipping was the same. NGC or PCGS graded modern small coins going for a few bucks. Now some of the stuff like a 2004 nickel I have no idea why they even had it graded at all. And sale price $2.25. I was too late on this one but saw a 1892 cc morgan in about vf to xf range sell for $82. (Seller had 99.8 rating and in the thousands sales.) I have to admit a lot of the prices are decent, but some of them I just don't get.

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