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Another Help Please. 72' Olympics

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I have a 50mm medallion marked on back in german. It says "XX.Olympische Sommerspiele.Munchen 1972." In the center it has "Im Geist Der Antike" On the coin package it states From Superior Coin Co. #835. On the front has high relief of 4 horses and the head and shoulders of a man. There is no writing on the front that I have found.


Other than this information, I have found nothing on the internet. I have had the Medal translated and know that it is for the Munich.


I will include pictures of the front and back. Any information or pricing info would be great.

Please email me if you need larger pictures.


Kevin B. Cozort


<P.S. Sorry about the quality of these pics. My scanner doesn't seem to like this medal>



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