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unknown japanese banknote


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i just recieved this banknote today from my grandparents, they recently found it while going though some things that were passed down to them. It came with two other banknotes, both 1943 japanese ocupation 5 pesos. However i could not identify the third banknote. It is very worn and taped in the middle covering up some of the only english part. I know there is at least 50-- but can not identify the other two symbols, the third might be another 0. I have good reason to belive its from WWII or before and is most likely japanese by the symbols.


Here are the pictures, sorry about the quality only had a camera phone available. thanks in advance






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Welcome to the forum justinsane5454



It is from China and that is Sun Yat-Sen. I can't quite make out the pics, but it looks like it might be a 5,000 Yuan note. But I would need better pics to be sure. And I can barely see the back side.

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