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Fake 1757 St. Petersburg rouble

RW Julian

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The following is a definite fake:




Problems with this piece:


Obverse – the bust is close to the Scot work but there are several differences

which have not been found on known genuine pieces.


Reverse – Wrong Mintmaster; HK does not appear on 1757 rouble coinage. Both

figure 7s in the date are of the wrong style.


The seller was notified but he claims that the piece is original and genuine.



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Wow! If this is a fake, it's certainly better looking than alot of the other fakes I see on Ebay :ninja: . But then again, I'm not an expert on detecting counterfeits. I thought the luster on the surface might have just been from cleaning. This is kind of bothersome since it'll make it harder to know what to buy in the future.

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