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Need a 1872 Seated Liberty?

Mark Stilson

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Lets see 2 0 feedback from Hong Kong, selling the exact same coin. Naw, couldn't be a problem. :ninja:






Then to top it off from one of the same sellers




Then if you notice the picture is ripped off from Great Southern Coins. No red flags here at all. ;)


Reported. Now lets see how long it takes to get them bumped.

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That was amazing. One dealer already down, the other still there. Wait for it.




Still up


The three listings are cancelled (before I saw this thread linking to them) and both "dealers" you list are NARU'd. ;)


I'm amazed that happened and so quickly. What changed? ;)


Has ebay's well-earned reputation as a playground for hucksters offering overgraded, whizzed, or counterfeit coins, or just selling air, begun to affect profits? :ninja:

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