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US coins which to look out for?


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as a UK buyer... i have little clue on whats rare US coins when i visit the dealer who has the US in larger cheap pots with other worlds

anything up to 1/4 dollar are in these

whats the dates i should look out for in the 1c 5c 10c and 25c?

there are no indian head ones though.. i already grabbed the only one in there (wasn't that bad either.. 1902 date) there is a very badly worn large cent though (almost just a disk lol)

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There are several things you could do. For one purchase one of those books on coins called the Red Book by Whitman Publishing. There are many places you can order one from here. Not sure of shipping problems from here to there but you could try Google for coin book supplies. Also, you could try the Whitman web site. If you don't want to spend money on a book on coins, you could just go to Numismedia web site, The PCGS web site, NGC web site, Coin world web site. There you could look up the values of almost any US coin ever made. Scroll through those for the highest prices and you have something to look for. For the Cent there is a www.coppercoins.com web site where they could answer any question on our penny. The person that has that web site has two books out on just that coin.

I suggest prior to purchasing any US coins you first find out a little about them. And you might find something in those bins the seller doesn't know he has.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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