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I went to the local, monthly coin show this morning and bought nothing that I had on my shopping list. So, instead I wound up looking for bargains and I think I did okay. A friend who sells there showed me some stuff that he wanted clear out and I bought all the remaining U.S. bills he had. Nothing fantastic but I didn't have any in my collection. What I got was a nicely framed set of three bills that includes a 1935 One Dollar Silver Certifcate (blue seal), a 1953 U.S. Note two dollar bill (red seal), and a 2003 Federal Reserve Note Two Dollar bill(green seal); "The Many Faces of Jefferson" from the American Heritage Mint that includes two Jefferson nickels (1942 and 2003D), a 1953 two dollar U.S. Note (red seal) and a 2003 two dollar Federal Reserve Note (green seal); a Motto / No Motto Silver Certificate Set with two very circulated one dollar bills- 1935 and 1957 (blue seals). I paid $16.00 Canadian for the works. Sorry about the pics...I was in a hurry to post.


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Because I wasn't too familiar with the different types of U.S. currency, this small investment has taught me a lot and also what to look for. Kind of a neat start to a collection of U.S. bills. I'm pretty happy with it :ninja:

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