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1933 Chicago World's Fair A&P Carnival So Called Dollar

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1933 Chicago World's Fair, Century Of Progress, A&P Carnival.


Two types were issued, the laughing pig, HK-464 (HIHO) and the smiling cow, HK-464A (CHEERIO).


Here's the cow...





I'll post HIHO the pig when I remember to take the photograph... :ninja:

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I've not let the bug for these issues bite me, but I do like them. Among the most fun designs ever.

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I won another Century of Progress SC$ from the same auction, the Italian Exhibit Dollar (HK-471) which I will post when I photograph it.

The relief on this coin is amazing, it reminds me a lot of a Swiss Shooting Medal. And it's MS65, a true gem.


I also won a 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition – Montana SC$1 (HK-409), I have lusted after that one for years.


And HIHO the A&P Carnival pig, well that coin had my name written all over it... :ninja:




Constanius - I'm not sure who T.S. is but he designed both medals. Someone here will know...

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