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QEII returning to bahamas $10 note


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<<When the former Free National Movement government issued the notes featuring Sir Stafford, it caused controversy as the white Bahamian economist was also branded a racist by many as he left the country and vowed never to return when a black majority government first came to power in 1967>>


Interesting that they would even have him on a banknote, and for quite some time.

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according to this article, racism back in the 1960's was ok because it was a way of life. rather, it's the non-racists of today with their reverse-descrimination who should be explaining themselves.


Sir Stafford is often referred to as having been a racist, a white man who had no love for black people and who exiled himself from The Bahamas when the Progressive Liberal Party won the Government in 1967. However, it could be reasoned that Sir Stafford was a product of his time, the period in the history of the hemisphere when racial discrimination and segregation were a way of life.


The question is, what is the excuse today for those people who seem to be practicing reverse discrimination and vindictiveness?


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Guest Aidan Work

I have got the Bahamas $1 notes of both the 2001 & 2002 issues.The 2001 depicts former Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling,& the 2002 depicts Queen Elizabeth II.If you have got a Pick catalogue,you can see what the notes look like.By the way,it was Alex Friedman who sold me the 2 Bahamian notes.



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