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Canadian Home Child's Medal 1920-1924

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J.W.C.FEGAN FOUNDER (James William Condell)




1920 1924 FRED HOCQUARD.


Bronze 54mm.


Fred Hocquard was a Home Child. That is, one of the Home Children (orphans, waifs and strays) sent from England to Canada, Australia etc to work on farms or if a girl to help in the house. Fred went to Canada as can be seen in the following record.





Given Name: Frederick John Age: 14 Sex: M

Ship: Grampian

Year of Arrival: 1920

Departure Port: London

Departure Date: 04 May 1920

Arrival Port: Quebec

Arrival Date: 15 May 1920

Party: J.W.C. Fegan Home

Destination: 295 St. George Street, Toronto

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.


Fegan Homes encouraged the children to pay back the cost of the fare, and the clothes etc supplied to them when they left England, from their wages in Canada. This money was then sent back to England to cover the cost of sending more children. Apparently a plaque was kept in the receiving home in Toronto showing the names of children who had paid back their fare etc and this was called a Roll of Honour. So this medal might have been issued to Fred for that reason.

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