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3 interesting South African tickeys


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Got a few South African and Southern Rhodesia coins today and found a few worth showing off :ninja: . Here are the three tickeys


First is the 1940 one. 960520.jpg


It appears that the 4 in the date had been recut, scan may be non-decisive but it is visible under the magnigying glass. Another interesting detail is that the period after the date is pretty close to the 0.




Second is a darker toned 1943. it has the uneven coin cabinet toning (as if laid on the velvel for a while)




This and the next coin seems to be of different dies based on the proximity of the period after the date to 3 - close period on the left coin and further out on the right.




And the last is this weakly struck specimen




that provides for an unusual "phantom" effect of the lack of KG (engraver's initials) (right) where on the regular one KG are clearly seen (left)



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Very nice KGV


In my experience it seems like the majority of the KGVI SA coins are quite weak, like the 1943 piece you have there - it's very puzzling when the head's basically bald, but yet there's original lusture showing!

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