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Thoughts on 2009 US $1 Coins redesign


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The motto "In God We Trust" looks OK on the obverse of the coin. However, I would have liked to see something replace it on the edge besides the ten 5-sided stars that the US Mint added. (The US Mint has also added 3 more starts in between the mint mark the motto "E pluribus unum.")


I was thinking of something like the word "Liberty." Not quite as long as the former edge motto, but I think it would be better then the 10 stars. In fact, the word "liberty" surrounded by a few stars would look kind of nice * * * LIBERTY * * *.


So what else could have replaced the "In God We Trust" motto on the edge of the new 2009 $1 coins?

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Honestly the edge lettering was my favorite thing about them. Other than that I find the series to be boring. I'm hoping they can really bring it to life.

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I got an in-person look at the edge lettering, and it the stars are over the top. Just too many.

I agree. I think a new motto should be added and any space inbetween can have the stars. The edge lettering now is just a little unbalanced.

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If we want to get creative, the presidents individual political slogan could be put on the coin. I would love to see "I like Ike" on the side of the coin.


I guess there are too many people in America who would be against it :ninja:

When I read "I like Ike" I had to think about this


Ok, enough off-topic now ;)

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