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Benton "Loco Foco" on the Bay


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Cool stuff... Looks like a hobo Large cent :ninja:





If I were still into buying coins, I would like to have it, it looks like a distorted large cent.


I always wanted to get one of the Feuchtwanger 3 cent pieces in German silver, but never found one nice enough.

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A few words can be found here:



In the April 2004 Numismatist, Barbara Gregory wrote up these "Loco Foco" tokens in an article called "Token Without Match." The story of the Loco Focos is one of many from the Jacksonian Era that say so much about what America is today.


A "loco foco" was a kind of match, a new invention in the 1830s.


The Loco Focos were a radical wing of Jackson's Democratic Party. This was 1832, so "radical" back then meant laissez faire capitalism: no government interference in business, no government banks, gold currency, no tariffs, etc.


The Loco Focos of New York City had no special name really until a Democratic party convention that turned raucus. (No kidding, that really happens...) Anyway, at the right moment, someone turned out the lights. Then, the radicals light up their matches and voted.


There is much more to the story. Read Barbara's article or read Morison's Oxford History of the American People, or one of the other standard historians.

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My Hard Times Token. (I have owned others, a set array, but got rid of most of my collection five years ago. This is one that I kept.)

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