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1992 American Silver Eagle 1lb proof


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A troy pound = 12 troy oz. Premiums are fairly high on silver coins right now, so you might get about spot+$2.00/oz for it. Around $180 I'd say.


I just did a quick search on ebay ended auctions. They've recently sold for $200-230 (when silver was a bit higher though).


I don't know if the toning/tarnish (whatever you want to call it) will add or reduce the value of these particular coins. Some people really go for toned coins, others treat them as damaged, so it could go either way.

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Yep, hopesfully you got it for a good price. Some shady companies try to pass these things off in hopes that the buyer will think it's a genuine US Mint product. You'll get slightly over spot for it retail and slightly under spot if you sell to a dealer, jeweler etc.

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