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Take the Money and Run Back in Time


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Discussing the 1920 Dictionary, 28Plain wrote: "Imagine a time when international travel was more tiresome but largely unrestricted and when the great works of architecture and the amazingly varied cultures of a thousand ethnicities still existed in Europe."


The history of the world is a long train of sadness punctuated with these bright spots. Some are brief and local, some are broad and long.


I was just reading a quote from Goethe about how thalers and groschen are accepted all over Germany and how he can travel across 37 polities and not have his suitcase opened. That was 1765.


Personally, if I picked a time and place in the past, my preferences would be Alexandria c. 200 BC, Rome of the Pax Romana, say Nerva or Trajan c. 100 AD, or Cleveland, Ohio, 1870. At least, that is where I would fit in best.


For my "numismatic fantasy" I would pick Rome 100 AD, and I would take back with me classic US gold, silver, and bronze coins. E PLURIBUS UNUM... LIBERTY... UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The legends would be almost understandable. The Miss Liberties and Eagles would pass ... so would a 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. Mercury Dimes... Washington Quarters...



But, then, I see a City View Thaler and I think of Goethe...

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I might collect 10th century coins but i would definately not want to go back to that period. I'd probably arrive get enlisted straight into the army and packed off to Brunanburgh. (Since i'm located not too far away from Brinsworth where it's believed the battle may well have been fought the chances of finding myself being attacked by both sides is quite probable) It's not good to live on the boarder between two kingdoms that hate each other.



Although i wouldn't mind a day or two wandering around in say the late 18th century and i think i'd quite enjoy a spell in 1887 and 1905.


Actually nothing so ambitious i'd just be happy to go back to 1979 and stay there.

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