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Gigante - Italian Coin Cat

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I hope this is in the correct forum... I Want To Buy "Gigante", it is an italian coin catalog dating back to 1700. An italian redbook if you will.


If you are interested in Italian coins, this is the book for you.


I have found a place to order from but the shipping price is a killer and need at least 3 total buyers to make this worth it.


Please see this post for more information if you interested.


The price if we get 3 buyers is $34 plus shipping from my place in California USA 93550. The price goes down a couple bucks with each extra that is ordered.


Would be ordering from this site:




Anyone interested?



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Im not sure... but there is a book listed on that same site that seems to be what you are looking for "Unificato Monete e CartaMoneta Italia 2006 (Italia Regno e Repubblica San Marino-Vaticano CartaMoneta d'Italia)"


That one is less then Giante, only 13 euro, If you would like to order one we could still run the same deal.


In the case we end up ordering diferent books. Each of us would pay for our respective books and equal amount of shipping, then you would also have to pay shipping to your place from mine.


Let me know...



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