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George III "evasion" coins

Mark Stilson

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I probably should have put the question about these here, not the U.S. coppers section. Since it really fits here a lot more. Is there any on line sites what have info and pictures of these? I did find a few two about Machin's Mill and another with shots of some.




Copper Clem's site.


Coins.nd.edu Scroll around this one and check the sections out a lot of info here.


Also if not any one have something on this one. (From a Breen possibly a Vlack number? )


1775 George III evasion coin






It is a little lighter color then the pictures turned out. Also the reverse matches the obverse in color, just a bad camera shot.

There appears to be something going on to the right of the eye and up the forehead almost like an overstrike. Also the back of the neck and under the chin.

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Hi there great links :ninja:


I am consigning a number of "Evasions" to Spinks in June .. 2 very nice farthings +++


and this weekend i found this in Cumbria .. not sure what to call it as it is Irish and 5.6g


What an ugly mug




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