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School Lunch Money Finds


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Got to check the accumulation of dosh at my daughters school this morning. Out of about $100 worth of change the following got saved and bought by moi:


1925 Lincoln Cent

1943-S Cent, yes a steelie

1943-D and another steelie

1943, yes, another steelie

1952-D cent


1923 Buffalo, in G-4 :ninja:

1949 Jefferson

1969-S Jefferson

1970-S Jefferson


And foreign goodies:


Netherlands 5 Cent from 1955, masquerading as a cent apparently.

Czechoslovak 50 Haleru from 1990, masquerading as a nickel apparently.

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No 90%? Oh well, that's gotten pretty well cleaned out but it sure does make the day. It's been about 10 years but I still remember the last time a cashier dropped a 90% half in change on the counter. There were a couple people behind me in line but at the sound of the ring, everyone took notice. That's real money. It takes two really stupid (or ignorant) people in a row for that to happen, one to spend it and the other to take it in and turn it back out as change.

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